Train Your Brain

The first step in your Neurofeedback Therapy (brain training) is an evaluation of brain activity and brain wave function. Hannah will use an Electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure activity in each lobe of your brain and is able to identify brain activity associated with common physical, behavioral, cognitive, or emotional breakdown.

The electrical activities monitored by an EEG are called brainwaves. As a trained Neurotherapist Hannah will use the EEG to evaluate how your brain is functioning. Once potential issues are identified the brain training can begin.

To begin the brain training EEG sensors are placed on the scalp over the area to be trained. Brainwaves are analyzed by a computer. The computer extracts information about your brainwave frequencies. Some brain frequencies need to be increased while others may need to be suppressed to optimize brain function.

The computer is programed to reward the brain for increasing or suppressing the targeted areas. This is done with visual graphics or music. When brainwaves achieve the desired level of functioning the video advances and the music plays. When brain activity is not optimal the video and music will not play. Depending on your brain’s response other tools may be used as well to push the brain in the right direction. Over time the brain is trained to function more optimally, while avoiding negative brain activity.

Ready to train your brain?

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