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Meet Hannah

hannah head shot Hannah Ricks, RN is certified as a QNRT Practitioner and Neurotherapist. Through Neurotherapy (Brain Training) and Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy she can help you obtain a more optimal state of brain health. Use the link below to schedule your initial session of QNRT or a Neurotherapy evaluation. Hannah can be reached with any questions at 507-279-2926.

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Learn About QNRT

Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy is a proprietary protocol designed to initiate a quantum shift in the nervous system by resetting the brain's response to emotional triggers for both past and present emotional trauma and stress.

Take Back Your Life

I love Hannah! She has helped me explode through my self discovery and enlightenment. I am someone who has trouble opening up but with Hannah's help I am now the one starting conversations instead of being a wallflower and hoping to be included.

This therapy has saved me. It has released my anger. It has brought me peace and acceptance for the death of my husband. It has gone even deeper and started to work on old emotional pain from my entire life. I feel lighter. I feel HOPE for my future.

If you are at a place where you feel like therapy has been done and you've read all the self-help books you can stand...but you still have a few things to work through....go see Hannah. It's life-changing!

*** There are seven steps leading to the entrance of the building. Please contact Hannah if you require accessibility accommodations for an alternate appointment location.